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TMW Systems forges electronic link with Navistar

The company’s TMT software being integrated with OEM’s telematics system.

ATLANTA. During a press conference here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2018 annual meeting, TMW Systems announced that it is integrating its TMT Fleet Maintenance platform with Navistar’s OnCommand Connection telematics system – specifically linking up to Navistar’s parts order process to help TMT fleet customers save time and money.

“This is a new module that creates an electronic e-commerce solution,” explained F. Scott Vanselous, TMW’s executive vice president of marketing and strategy. “TMT customers send an electronic purchase order and parts are filled by the dealer for the fleet. The benefit is that the dealers can serve the TMT fleet customers more efficiently – while TMT customers more efficient and significant savings in parts purchase price. They get significant discounts if they order through the e-commerce solution.”

He said one unnamed TMT fleet customer operating 4,500 trucks estimated that in the first year of using the module they could save between $500,000 to $800,000 in parts spending.

It’s also a huge time savings as it avoids emailing and faxing; everything is just handled through the e-commerce portal,” Vanselous said. “It synch sup part numbers automatically and saves money for fleets via discounts. The nice thing is that the dealer still interfaces with customer; it does not change how Navistar customers interact with their dealers.”

He added that the create of this TMT module is “all part of a broader strategy that we have as we address the transformation going on in the industry. Fleets and OEMs are collaborating a lot more together; they want data to move back and forth from back office systems through the dealer to the fleet and vice versa.”

Vanselous noted, too, that fleets are looking for much more guidance as well when it comes to repair strategies for their vehicles. “Equipment getting more complex with electronics and software. Five years ago, they were more hostile to such collaboration; now, though, they want more integration back to the OEMs and the dealers. They just want to go to one place to get all the parts and information they need; they don’t want to go to multiple portals on the web.”

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