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TMW integrates fleet maintenance software with with Decisiv

TMW Systems announced the integration of its TMT Fleet Maintenance Software with Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management platform.

The integration of Decisiv and TMT Fleet Maintenance is designed to help fleet managers extend their data accuracy, reduce administrative load, and manage warranty recovery when working with external service providers.

When service requests for breakdowns or scheduled maintenance are created, the integration will allow fleet managers to provide an outside service center with an asset’s service history, warranty status, telematics and diagnostic data, and schedule preventative maintenance.

“Through the integration with Decisiv, the TMT Fleet Maintenance solution will now give executives a deeper ability to manage the assets in the company including those utilizing outside service centers,” said Scott Vanselous, executive vice president of TMW’s fleet maintenance solutions. “It expands external access to important information for improved regulatory, compliance and risk management for equipment regardless of the organization maintaining or repairing the equipment.”

The combined TMT Fleet Maintenance and Decisiv SRM systems are designed to:

- Improve asset uptime by increasing asset utilization, minimizing repeat repairs.

- Minimize estimate-invoice mismatches and overbillings while shrinking rental costs and reducing regulatory fines through better compliance.

- Expedite approval of vendor repair orders and minimize the need for manual entry through VMRS-coded integration.

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