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New ASIST mobile app from VTNA

Key "decision-makers" can now communicate while on-the-go directly with dealership personnel and Volvo Action Service agents, OEM says.

Fleets and individual truck owners using the Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) ASIST service management platform can now access essential case information through a new mobile application, which puts the real-time functionality of its ASIST service management platform – a web-based tool that allows customers to monitor vehicle status, receive electronic estimates, approve repairs, issue purchase orders, and communicate directly with the OEM’s dealer network – in the palm of their hand.

“The ASIST mobile app is another valuable productivity tool for Volvo fleets, owner-operators and drivers,” noted Ash Makki, VTNA’s product marketing manager. “We understand the mobile nature of today’s fleet managers, and especially the demands of those on the road with their vehicle. The ASIST app is designed to help you stay connected to your assets, allowing you to see exactly what's happening with your trucks, including estimates, repairs and schedules. It's literally Volvo ASIST in a portable, pocket-sized format.”

Paired with Volvo Remote Diagnostics, ASIST provides real-time communication between the driver, the truck, the service manager and the 24/7 Volvo Action Service uptime team. The integrated system helps drivers avoid unexpected downtime by offering a range of proven diagnostic services and benefits that helps get trucks back on the road faster.

“If you're out on the road and Remote Diagnostics, Volvo’s enhanced proactive diagnostics, identifies an engine, transmission or aftertreatment issue, it will automatically create a case in ASIST and Volvo Action Service agents will find the nearest Volvo dealership or authorized repair center,” Makki said. “ASIST app users will receive Remote Diagnostics case updates in real-time, giving them the ability to react to case updates quicker. Fleet managers can also use the mapping feature to pull up the precise location where the fault code occurred.”

The app’s communication features mirror the ones ASIST customers use via their laptops and desktops. Accessing ASIST through a tablet or smartphone makes it even more convenient to request service, manage schedules, check warranty coverage, schedule preventative maintenance, and monitor repairs from start to finish.

“It is all about protecting uptime,” Makki noted. “The ASIST app helps provide greater efficiency throughout the process. Customers have the ability to respond immediately to notification alerts through the app, helping reduce communication delays that can delay service and repairs.”

The Volvo Assist app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices and is offered free to new truck purchasers and subscribers of Volvo Uptime Services. Customers simply download Volvo ASIST from their app store and set up an account using their ASIST account credentials.

“It’s intuitive and easy to use,” Makki added. “A brief tutorial plays automatically upon download, and once you’re logged in on your device, you’ve got the power of Volvo ASIST connectivity wherever you go.”

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