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Momentum offers new electronics package for nat gas engines

GreenLync 2.0 technology can also be integrated with telematics platforms.

Momentum Fuel Technologies recently rolled out GreenLync 2.0, an enhanced electronics communication system for its compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system designed for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks

Through collaboration with Cummins, GreenLync 2.0  is designed to reduce false occurrences of engine fault codes and integrate with telematics platforms to enable fleet managers to understand their vehicle performance and optimize fuel management, with the GreenLync 2.0 driver message center displaying live fuel pressure readings, temperature-compensated fuel levels and distance-to-empty. 

“Customers told us they wanted a gauge that was more like they ones in their diesel vehicles,” said Mike Zimmerman, Momentum’s GM, in a statement. “GreenLync 2.0 technology calculates a number of factors to deliver a distance-to-empty reading to the driver message center, reducing range anxiety and giving drivers more confidence in the system. With the distance-to-empty information at their fingertips, drivers can have a diesel-like experience and an easier transition to CNG vehicles.”

He added that Momentum’s GreenLync 2.0 electronics package has been tested and verified for use on all U.S. truck OEM chassis makes/models with factory gauges and wiring, noting that that all Momentum CNG fuel systems are designed and built in collaboration with Cummins. 

Through this development work, Cummins’ diagnostic system can now recognize when a CNG fuel system is low on fuel, which helps to reduce false occurrences of engine faults codes.  “In the past, you may have received a false ‘check engine’ light, which may have prompted you to take your vehicle in for service when all you needed was a fill-up,” Zimmerman explained.  “Now, the systems are more sophisticated, and the engines can recognize when you are low on fuel, helping eliminate those false alerts and preventing unnecessary expense and downtime of the vehicle,” he added. 

He pointed out that all of Momentum’s CNG fuel systems can be integrated with Cummins Westport L9N, B6.7N and the new ISX12N. 

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