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Medium Truck Load/ Inflation Tables

Fuel savings from properly inflated tires are well documented. From Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires.

Fuel savings from properly inflated tires are well documented. For example, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) research indicates that maintaining proper tire pressure can produce a 1.4% fuel efficiency increase for a five-axle tractor-trailer combination.

Underinflation causes more than a loss of fuel efficiency. [JC1] Increased flexing in underinflated tires generates more heat, accelerating tire wear and damage, which reduces tire life and increases costs. Underinflation is also responsible for tire failures, which can add up to significant costs for road calls and downtime, and accidents. In colder seasons and climates especially, when road surface and ambient temperatures impact tire[JC2]  operating pressures, natural air leaks of a few PSI per month can cause tire pressures to drop significantly.

With accurate, up to date information, ensuring proper tire inflation has proven value for fleets.

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