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Stemco and Webb Wheel offer new pre-adjusted hub assembly

Supplier is accepting pre-orders now for delivery in the second quarter of this year.

ATLANTA. The new “Trifecta” pre-adjusted hub assembly created jointly by Stemco and Webb Wheel Products debuted here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2018 annual meeting – a hub designed to meet the “trifecta” of three key fleet needs, according to Todd Anderson, president of Stemco; safety, performance and confidence.

The hub features Discover XR – short for “extreme runtime” – wheel seal with GlideLock technology, meaning the seal “glides on” and is self-locking, reducing

installation force by 50%, with no pre-lube required, the companies noted.

The combination of the Discover XR wheel seal, Webb Wheel’s hub and the Defender composite hub cap also boosts contamination and corrosion resistance within the hub assembly itself, as the polymer hub allows for freer air flow yet filters out potentially corrosion-causing condensation

The Trifecta assembly also features Stemco’s Zip-Torq fully unitized axle spindle nut, increasing simplicity and safety for end users. The company said there are no additional clips, keepers, snap rings or screws to install, while the self-ratcheting locking feature prevents inadvertent “back-offs.”

Additionally, installation of the new hub assembly requires no bearing adjustment, ensuring the hub is installed correctly, quickly and easily, explained Mark Holley, segment business leader of wheel end products for Stemco.

“Trifecta is the latest innovation to combine safety, performance and confidence into one complete package,” he said. “By combining Stemco products with patented

technology, the assembly is uniquely developed to extend wheel end life while providing unmatched contamination prevention. Matched by a five-year/500,000-mile

warranty for on highway applications, Trifecta is a solution that meets the increasing performance expectations of today’s fleets.”

Stemco’s Anderson noted that the Trifecta hub can be installed on drive, steer and trailer axles. The hub will become available in the second quarter this year via a “phased in” program, with part numbers offered for tractors first, followed by part numbers for trailers later this year. “Product coverage will expand as availability presents itself,” he added.


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