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OSHA offers positive assessment of Patriot's ON-Lift

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration’s web site documents how the use of the Patriot Lift’s ON-Lift on a fleet of 700 trailers paid for the cost of the pneumatic landing gear automation, just in reduction of workers’ compensation outlays.

In the OSHA study, 2.5 percent of truck drivers were injured each year while manually operating landing gear. That figure quadrupled to 10 percent for drivers over 50, but ON-Lift’s air-powered landing gear reduced that to zero. Per OSHA, the average worker’s compensation settlement for an injury due to repetitive cranking of landing gear is $17,000. That’s not counting the costs of paid sick leave and the replacement worker’s training.

Adding ON-Lift doesn’t require the installation of batteries or electrical components, only a trailer’s existing emergency brake system. The 15-pound product has been tested for more than 30,000 cycles without failure, the equivalent of more than 20 years of five daily drop and hooks. Also, ON-Lift can raise and lower in well under 10 seconds, a huge improvement over typical manual operating landing gear.

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