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New compact loading lift offered by NFP

The “Artlift” can handle 98% of “common freight,” says National Fleet Products

National Fleet Products (NFP) recently introduced ArtLift, a compact cargo-lifting solution with a 440-lb. lifting capacity that the company said accommodates more than 98% of common freight.

A 12-volt electric motor provides the needed torque to rotate a worm gear that lifts appliances, furniture, industrial equipment, and a variety of other conventional and unconventional cargo items to a height of up to 3.28 ft., noted Steven Peterson, NFP’s president.

“The ArtLift is very versatile and will serve the typical cargo loading and unloading needs of the vast majority of delivery vehicles,” he explained. “It also enables awkward, difficult-to-manage freight and carted items to be handled without tipping or navigating truck-mounted ramps.”

The system’s compact design fits delivery vehicles of all types and is particularly well-suited to vans and small box trucks. When not in use, its 33-in. by 29.52-in. lift platform flips vertically to slide inside the vehicle, away from weather and road debris. At just 11.81-in., the ArtLift stores flat against sidewalls and bulkheads or behind front seats and occupies about the same amount of space as a hand truck.

The ArtLift’s large diamond-plate platform provides ample traction for loading and unloading cargo in moist or inclement weather. The platform’s beveled edges make it easy to roll on loads using dollies, pallet trucks, carts and any equipment with rollers. The vehicle-side platform edge folds vertically 90 degrees to form a backstop that prevents payloads from traveling during the lifting process.

Up and down buttons control the lift action, and little training is needed compared to hydraulic and pneumatic liftgates that mount on the exterior of vehicles, are exposed to the environment, and are notorious for maintenance problems and high repair costs. The ArtLift is easy to maintain, requiring just one simple annual service procedure.

“The ArtLift is compact, lightweight and easy to maintain and is the intelligent alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic liftgates,” Peterson said. “When you consider its low cost of entry, its ease of operation, its simple maintenance requirements, its powerful lifting capabilities and the broad range of cargo it can manage, there’s nothing else that compares to the ArtLift’s ROI.”

The ArtLift weighs less than 200 lbs., he added, and is designed to fit virtually any commercial with a deck height of 39.37 in. or less.

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