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MTIS Photo: Meritor

Meritor's tire inflation now a standard option for Vanguard, CIMC trailers

Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) with ThermALERT is now a standard/preferred option on Vanguard dry van and CIMC reefer trailers, Meritor announced.

“MTIS uses proven technology to minimize total cost of ownership and help keep drivers safe on our highways,” said Dave Pritchard, general manager, Trailer for Meritor. “It’s also quick to service and easy to retrofit.”

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency studies, tire inflation systems extend tire life by 10% and increase fuel economy an average of 1.4%.

Meritor said that MTIS also decreases maintenance costs due to longer intervals between retreads and less time spent on manual pressure checking and filling. And by preventing under-inflation, MTIS helps to reduce the risk of accidents.

The ThermALERT wheel-end heat sensing technology helps prevent wheel-end failures from heat build-up and warns drivers about overheating.

More than eight million tires are currently protected by MTIS. Almost one in every three trailers built today is spec’ed with the tire inflation system.

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