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Cooper launching new tire line

Rollout through next year will include long-haul, regional, and vocational tires.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is launching a full line of truck and bus radial (TBR) tires designed to help fleets to reduce their overall tire program costs.

They are offered in three series based on application – PRO Series for long-haul trucking operations, WORK Series for regional-haul, pick-up and delivery fleets, and SEVERE Series for mixed service such as refuse.

Cooper commercial PRO Series tires are built with proprietary compounds and tread designs to provide a balance of fuel efficiency and long miles to removal, while WORK Series tires balance fuel efficiency and tread life with scrub resistant properties. The SEVERE Series is engineered for more demanding applications, with tires built to withstand heavy scrub and cut/chip environments. All Cooper brand TBR tires have a full width, four steel belt package to provide the casing integrity needed to handle multiple retreads.

“Fleets are continually faced with the pressure of lowering their operating costs, and tires are an area that can have a big impact on meeting those targets,” noted Gary Schroeder, director of Cooper’s global truck and bus tire business. “Cooper will also continue to offer the Roadmaster brand, which has provided quality products primarily to owner-operators and trailer manufacturers for more than a decade.”

He added that Cooper brand TBR tires are SmartWay verified for fuel efficiency and are backed by a premium seven-year, two-retread warranty with full replacement value on the first 50% of their tread life.

Schroeder added that all three lines are being made available May 1 this year, but that the regional WORK Series will be rolled out as a complete set with an all-position steer, drive, and trailer tire model offered. Only a long-haul drive tire will be available initially in the PRO series, to be followed in 2019 with a steer and trailer tire model. Additional SEVERE Series models will be introduced in 2019 as well, he added.

“A big reason for that is that it takes time to do a proper validation of those tire models – we have to validate them through actual mileage and it takes months and months to rack up the required mileage,” he explained to Truck Fleet MRO.

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