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Check those tires! It’s National Tire Safety Week

It’s National Tire Safety Week (May 21-28), prompting reminders of the importance of proper tire and maintenance for truck and driver safety as well as a fleet’s bottom line.

“Checking the tire pressure is right up there with making sure there’s fuel in the tank,” said Jon Intagliata, product manager for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for Bendix which noted that about 90 percent of tire blowouts are caused by under-inflation.

In addition, research by the Technology & Maintenance Council shows that under-inflation by as little as 10 percent can reduce fuel economy by 1.5 percent while 20 percent under-inflation can reduce tire life by 30 percent. 

“More fleets are adopting collision mitigation,” Intagliata said. “The industry is looking to more advancements in driver assistance that are dependent upon precise and controlled interaction between a driver, technology, and the road beneath. A huge part of that fleet safety equation comes down to the tires and the simple matter of proper pressure.”

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