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Ancra introduces new load tensioner straps

They are designed for specialized cargo needs, company says.

Ancra International is bringing out a new line of gear drive tensioner straps for securing bottled gases and other specialized cargo. Using a patented gear drive tensioner, some 300 lbs. of strap tension can be generated with only 27 lbs. of force applied to the handle, the company said.

The gear drive also provides better control when tensioning the strap over a standard ratchet buckle with its ability to be locked in place every 13 degrees of spool rotation as compared to every 33 degrees for a ratchet buckle, Ancra noted.

The self-locking worm gear design prevents the reversal of drive during tensioning and the folding handle locks the gear system and strap tension when folded over, with a magnetic detent to hold it closed, it added, with a “gradual tension release” feature that is activated by turning the handle counterclockwise. Gradual tensioning and tension release means better control, especially when transporting bottled gases and other specialized cargo types, the company noted.

Ancra’s gear drive tensioner straps also feature a 4-in. protective pad to shield the cargo once in place. The gear housing itself is made from a durable high-impact polycarbonate blend that is designed to withstand working temperatures from a low of negative 40 Fahrenheit to over 180 degrees. A grease fitting is also provided for ease of service.

The unit’s 2-in. wide strap assemblies are rated with a 3,333 lb. working load limit and available in a 12 ft. overall length with your choice of flat hooks or snap hooks end hardware as standard. Custom lengths and end hardware options are available upon request.

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